Monday, September 16, 2013

The Hawks and the Found.

Autumn Creature, Author, & The Hawks and the Found

When someone leaves your art inspired to do his or her art you know your doing something right.

It is a common human tradition to ask ourselves if we are good enough. Are we good enough to pursue what we believe is our art? What if we do what we love, but no one cares?

Within moments I was shocked to be entranced by a sound, a sound that captured you and took you on a journey. Experiencing music with these bands I realized that loving an art over a crowd was the very essence of being a musician. As the evening began in the backyard of a beautiful home in Laguna, the crowd wasn’t as big as one who is going to perform might hope, but as Autumn Creature stepped on stage you forgot about your surroundings. Just by listening I began to obtain faith in myself. It was as if what they believed in was rubbing off on the crowd—hope in dreams.

Author spoke to a sound and created a connection. Stunned by the dedication these musicians had to what they loved I was equally impressed by their talent. Bringing stories to life with their desire to see it come true they unfolded each chapter pulling you into their story.

My favorite and personal bias lies with The Hawks and the Found. The headliner for this evening, and also a dear friend of mine from my months in Hawaii, blew us away with talent and passion. These boys from Texas know something that few have grasped. They have talent, the love what they do and they do what they love, even if it means nothing in return. Pure motivation for the love of the game. As Megan Ysais put it, “they found something that makes their heart happy and very few find that.” When you can play shows day after day, a new city each night, with no money in your pockets, watching others eat taco bell around you and still get up and play a show like it’s the best moment of your life you know you have tasted raw passion. When you bang your head just as hard for ten people as a hundred you know you are in the right place. Many fear that others won’t appreciate their talents so they never go after their dreams thinking that no one will care. But these boys are not afraid to go after their talents even if all they have is the music. Not only are they determined, they are musical genius’. It was the perfect mix of endearing lyrics, capturing melodies, and just enough passionate screams to take you on a journey you can’t forget. Even their transitions were better than a page turn to a storybook, flawlessly, maneuvering between songs and never losing our attention. Songs felt only seconds long, because it took me into a place I didn’t know could exist in a setting like this: contentment. It must be an inch of what they feel as they give it all they have up on that stage. Content to be doing what they love.

When I remembered in moments during their set that I still was apart of this real world I considered how big they could make it. If only they could be heard by many and appreciated for what they are worth. I long for the days, even just as an avid fan, when they look back at shows like this and think I am so glad we played our hearts out for a few friends who trickled in, because now the thousands appreciate that we treat them like family as we spill out our hearts on stage.

You know you’re on to something when what the world deems as failure you only see as a really good story to tell when you succeed.

And succeed they will, big time. All three of these bands won’t settle for less as they set out to do what they do best—Play music. Watch out world a few new boys shaking up the sound.  

Check them out on Youtube and ITUNES.