Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Tri-Cities' Christmas

A Tri-Cities' Christmas
It’s a holiday defined by scratch tickets,
Critter Christmas,
Singing happy birthday to Jesus
And blowing the candles out on the pudding cake.
It’s a holiday defined by late 1:45am beer runs to Wal-mart.
Countless 5 am talks on my downstairs couch.
Perfect decorations told not to touch,
Even to the two year old who can touch everything too much,
Except when it’s your heart
No one can get enough
 Everything melts
You forget the stress of holidays
Or shopping haze
And remember what its all about.
It’s a holiday defined by family not the number of gifts.
It’s a holiday defined by the hellos and goodbyes
No cousin popularity contest.
It’s a holiday created for good yearly gossip.
It’s a holiday that brings emotions of color.
Good bad and ugly until you watch a good movie
And forget until next October.
It’s a holiday that has made Christmas cards and television shows seem like they set the tone, but it’s a holiday that is asking for everyone to create their own,
Traditions and jokes,
Everyone on the deck smokes
The ashtrays are there to show that we care
We don’t hold it back
We give and we give and we give.
We rest and we rest and we rest.
We party and we party and we party.
In Tricities Christmas is defined by the reindeer at Beaver bark, the uncertainty of snow and running into people you never expected to see again while buying ham at the store.
It’s a holiday that brings us together.
We learn,
We talk,
We sleep,
And we eat a lot.
We keep traditions while making new memories.
We talk to those people we wont see until this time next year.
We love it.
We enjoy it.
 We never destroy it
 Because without Christmas
It would just be like any other lame day this year
So why not celebrate with all you have,
Have a good Christmas and be thankful today
That you have the ability to say
This ain’t no ordinary day!

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