Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Birthday Tribute.

Once upon a time in a deep dark sea, where unknown creatures roamed and played, lived a beautiful, Magical Mermaid with long flowing brunette hair and piercing brown eyes. Her thin, tanned body and face embellished with Puerto Rican features was hard to miss. She saw beauty all around her. Her friends were attracted to her because of her crazy personality and ability to be different despite the strict mermaid ways, but many of them were not as determined to change the way things were. She spent her days collecting pearls, seaweed and different nick nacks that she could wear to create a new style each day. The other mermaids would see her in a new style and not understand her desires to find beauty in all things. To her disappointment she was misunderstood by most of the mermaid community. As she attempted to live her life the way she knew she dreamed of in her heart others would become angry and tell her she was doing it wrong. If she woke up too late, she was scolded. If she looked different than the other mermaids, she was scolded. If she requested Strawberry Shortcake instead of just ordinary Vanilla, she was scolded. This decision, of course, did not mean she liked Strawberry Shortcake over vanilla, it always had a special place in her heart, but her heart longed for something more than the same everyday routine. She needed changed. She needed someone, anyone that would allow her to have the desires of her heart and not scold her for having these strange desires.

Reviving joy and hope for her soul a song would appear in her mind. These words and tunes came to her by some magical force. As she would respond by singing them others would be entranced, but not understand the power that this combination of poetic words and deep sounds held. Songs created an escape that allowed her to know of something more that others were not aware of. Her hidden desire that she shared with few was to swim all around the ocean, even to parts she had never seen and collect small fish. Not just one kind of fish, but all sorts of different colors and types. She wanted there to be so many eclectic fish that she could lose track of the number. Then after collecting many fish to help her she longed to teach them these magical songs, add some nice harmonies and continue traveling sharing these life-giving sounds as they went. She wanted the whole ocean to get to have what she got the opportunity to encounter in her own mind on a daily basis-- hope.

Sitting in the same routine would not make these dreams a reality.

The time had come. Coping with ordinary had gotten to her and she knew change was in her future. As she awake one day, after having a prophetic dream of such awaited life changing seas, she knew, she was meant for something more than ordinary.

Alone she swam to an unknown seas leaving behind those she loved, but knowing what would lie ahead would speak to her soul.

She swam, and swam and swam and swam. After she swam quite a lot she recognized a light ahead. The recognition that she felt almost made her feel that she had been to this light before. She was from the deep dark sea, but she knew she had seen many glimpses of this familiar light all throughout her life. Then it hit her the feeling she gets when she is given a magical song is the same feeling she was getting as she swam closer and closer to this light. Something inside her soul almost felt as if it was burning as she flipped her fin as fast as she possibly could to get closer to that light.

As she swam into the lights force field she was told that she had entered the deep, light sea. A place that many had hoped existed, but few actually took the time to find. Upon entering it she realized the light was surrounding her on every side. Within the light she met many characters that would also influence her life. She met clown fish, crabs, starfish, sea turtles, most importantly she met a very friendly, manic Octopus that would stick with her a good portion of her time in this specific light area.
This Octopus longed for adventure and The Magical Mermaid would experience many new sights with this dear friend. They didn't even know the future events awaiting their friendship when they met over a meal of sushi with many others that would change her life.

As she enjoyed her time in the deep, light sea she would realize each day that the more time in the light the more it creeped into her pushing everything that was dark out. She played with friends, sang songs and soon she realized these fish friends loved her songs. These fish friends loved her obscure need to have a different style every couple days. These friends had much light in them too and they loved the light that was coming out of her.

Time proceeded quickly as they all grew to understand and love the light more. Many who were here at this time were not only loving the light more, but also receiving super powers from the light that was making its home inside of them. The Magical Mermaid not only had this amazing gift to write and sing songs, but she discovered that she had many other gifts as well. She also had the ability to convert time into whatever she believed it should be. She would take thirty minutes and cram it into five minutes of normal time. She could pause time. She could stretch it or shorten it depending on what she needed. Others would watch her and not understand how time was always working out for her because they did not understand the gift that she could trust time to always be on her side.

One night as she was remembering her beloved mermaid friends at home, while she laid near a fountain in the center of deep, light sea she longed to connect with this light that she could now see everywhere and even feel within herself. The sea clouds then suddenly parted and a giant, white whale swam toward her side. Gasping in astonishment, because she knew there had always been a whale shaped hole in her heart, she jumped up and hugged the whale. As she hugged him she realized she knew him and had known him for a long time. The whale then explained that He is with her and he is the son of this giant light that is teaching all of us. If he is swimming visibly next to her or just felt in her heart he is with her. He explains that life is big and love is big so loving life in whale size will change the Ocean.

Her desire to change the Ocean became relentless after her encounter with this whale of large loving proportions.

The time came to make her dreams happen.

After spending much time in the deep, light sea she knew she was ready to leave and do something in this big ocean. After parting with all her amazing new fish friends, especially the octopus who had cut its legs to learn more about life and what the light had for her, she set out. As she left the deep, light sea she was nervous she wouldn't see the light as brightly within herself.

As she swam slowly out she was amazed to see that the whale sized whole in her heart was full and overflowing and the light was getting brighter from within her as she swam. Not only was the light within her getting brighter as she passed other fish and smiled or said "Hello," they would catch some light and start to glow themselves.

She returned to her beloved family in the deep dark ocean, within days she saw light sparking up in them. Even at times she saw the giant whale paying each of them a visit.

She knew her dreams were real and that what she had always longed for would change the sea. She began to search for those fish that she would swim around the ocean singing and sparking light everywhere they went. This Magical Mermaid contains a light that will make the whole Ocean shine.

This Mermaid's name is Victoria Ruperto and the World can't handle the light she will bring.

Happy birthday Tory LOVE YOU!

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