Sunday, August 4, 2013

Therefore Possible.

IMPOSSIBLE used to be a nice door to hide behind.

It was as if I was standing with my nose on the door believing because I was so close I could see through it, but the door was solid, I couldn't see through it. I could not even taste it, or smell it. I thought I was in the constant motion of opening that door. I wasn't. Staring solves nothing. Wouldn't it seem that if you looked at a door long enough it would mean you know you are destined for that door. You could spend your whole life with your face on that perfect door and never walk through it. Possible was always waiting on the other side. Sure, a time or two you peaked through the cracks. You knew it existed. Just the fact that there was a door proved you were heading in a direction. Did you take the direction. Do you have a moment of remembering when you turned that handle, because if you don't have that memory you probably haven't had that moment of actually turning. Maybe a moment arrived in your memory, but what happened next? Was it then another forward motion or did you not take a step? or did you turn your back?

Impossible is the door.

You always knew possible was waiting.

Just turn the door handle.

I could talk and talk and talk about what awaits, but if I talk I am not turning. Turning may take a little more focus than most are willing to put in.

Believing you are actually over holding onto impossibility for stability is letting go of the door handle even if the ground looks non-existent. Living in possible is what will take you to where you always belonged. You stared at the door ever since you were young. Those dreams and desires were not just fun and games. Reality of possible could be yours. What is holding you back? What nouns define your door of impossibility standing in the way. Maybe that noun has a title such as boyfriend or girlfriend. Perhaps if you stopped living for the other and you both started living for who God created you to be, you could actually fall in love instead of grasp onto love hoping it won't leave because it is "good enough."

If good enough was love then where is divorce coming from?

Maybe your noun was someone who told you no.

Stop looking for your answers in the security of people.
Start looking where answers are to be found.

That begins with you deciding where answers are to be found.

I can tell you my story and how I got to my belief in God, but you asking Him your own questions will give Him a route to provide you with your own answers directly from Him. He gives pretty straight answers if you ask directly. Of course, I recommend a small dosage of patience. His answers come, trust me, they come even to the specific desperate questions you ask, but His timing may not be what you imagined. Ask expecting, then wait expecting a surprise.

I want possible. I am done with impossible.

Call me the kid with freedom, but what will hold us back any longer?

"With God nothing is impossible."

Alright, You said it, I just opened that door and jumped in. Change my mind in all areas, because opening the door didn't erase my past experience. Surprise still remains my encounter with possibility.

Ask me all the questions you want, I will end most answers with why don't you just ask Him yourself. 

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